Moving to Velarde Home!
September 7, 2014     .     10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Veritas Calvary Chapel has moved.  After almost 4 years of meeting at Wittmann Elementary in Cerritos, we sensed that God was leading us back to the home.  We have decided we will meet at Alvin and Lori Velarde's house.

For some time now, many of us in the church believed that God was asking us to move from Wittmann; we just didn't know where.  We had been praying in earnest that God would show us  His will, and clearly guide our steps.   We all sensed that God was showing us a picture of our church amongst dry ground, and that He would guide us to a more "fertile" land.

A few things were hindering our move, so we continued to pray that God would open doors. The first is that the principal of the school had specifically asked us to meet at his school so that we would pray for the staff and students.  That principal has a new position and is no longer at the school.  We have been blessed with a wonderful custodian, who was only a part-time employee and needed the extra money he made on Sundays.  That custodian is now a full-time employee and may continue to work Sundays at another school.   Another wonderful Christian teacher that was such a huge blessing and encouragement to us was also transferred, and she is no longer at the school.  These 3 events showed us that God was releasing us, and we felt confident to leave.

Last year, Alvin's mother moved in with his family, and they just finished adding a large family room to their home, which will provide a nice meeting place.  There are many unchurched kids in their neighborhood, and we would love to see those kids and their families come join our home church.  Meeting in a home is not a step backwards for us, but rather a chance to take "church" to the neighborhood.  We are excited to follow God's leading, and we pray that He will use us for His glory.

Please keep Veritas In your prayers.   Thank you all so much!

Event Contact Info:
Name: Alvin Velarde
Phone: 949-677-7101
Location: Velarde Home
Address:   7784 La Castana, Buena Park, CA
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