about us

The beginning of Veritas Church was born out of a desire for people to know the Word of God. Although the formation and launching of the church took place in September of 2009, the leading and guiding of God began years earlier.
With a deep desire to be more intentional in studying the Word of God, Alvin & Lori Velarde opened up their home to a small Bible study.  It was refreshing to see people gathering  from different age groups and church backgrounds, and then be able to discuss, question, learn and grow in an informal setting. Meaningful relationships and bonds were formed as people shared their lives and faith together.
Alvin realized within a couple of meetings that there was a growing need for people to know the entire Word of God. From this need came the driving force in the formation of Veritas Church.  Our goal is to keep that passion for the Word alive, and be able to communicate His truth in a genuine and meaningful way. 
We invite you to come to Veritas Church and experience the things we value most: solid Biblical teaching, genuine community, and raising up Godly children.