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Prayer Request for Sister-in-Law
posted by: Corey on 4/5/2018

Good afternoon...I would like to request prayer for my sister-in-law. She has had a strained marriage for many years, and this is causing her to make some very bad decisions recently. These decisions are leading her down a very dangerous path that could result in harming her family. We ask the Holy Spirit to bring a strong conviction about what she is doing, to allow her to see the potential consequences if she continues. We also pray for a restoration for her marriage, for the bonds of love and trust to be rebuilt, and that the Lord would be the foundation. Thank you so much.
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posted by: Paul on 3/20/2018

Please pray that God would deliver me from lust, depression, sickness and the oppression of the enemy. Pray also that God would restore relationships that the enemy attacked and help me to move on from my failures. Pray that God would renew my love.
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posted by: joseph on 3/19/2018

Please pray that my friend, who is a married sister in Christ, realizes that texting a man in secret, is wrong and inappropriate. I believe that this may be a sin because her husband is not vigilant of what is going on. Thank-you. Blessings, Joseph
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posted by: Paul on 3/3/2018

I've been battling depression bitterness and sickness. I've also had trouble being effective in my career. Please pray that God would remove bitterness in my life as choose to forgive those who've wronged me. Also pray that He would help me find a job and be an effective worker. Finally, Please pray that God would renew my faith,love, hope, peace and righteousness. And that He would heal me and use the trouble I've battled with for His glory!
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posted by: keijo on 2/27/2018

Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks for helping,bless,keijo sweden
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Healing for Ryan
posted by: Sandy Story on 2/10/2018

Please pray for my 21 year old son Ryan who has been a a diabetic for 20 years. He had a hemorrhage in his right eye that doctors tried to cure with medicine. They are now saying he has to have more in depth surgery to repair. His vision has been blurry and he sees floaters in his eyes. His surgery is scheduled for Monday morning. Because he is diabetic and only 21 doctor would have preferred not to do surgery. am praying that God would provide a miracle and that he will heal him completely prior to that and restore his vision to 20/20. I know God performs miracles every day and I believe he can heal my sons eyes prior to surgery. Please pray for him. Please pray that if surgery is necessary that God will guide the doctor and it will be quick and successful with no problems. Please pray for his vision to be restored completely. Please pray his eyes will become as healthy as non-diabetic eyes for the rest of his life. Please also pray that God would give my son peace, calm and hope. His blood pressure has been running very high as he is extremely scared. Thank you.
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posted by: Lee on 2/8/2018

Prayer for Todd. Lord I ask that you soften his heart. Open his eyes to value & appreciative my presence in his life. I give so much. It hurts my heart to never truly feel appreciated & taken for granted. I ask that I may reap all I have sown into this friendship.
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posted by: P on 1/20/2018

Please pray for a man I know and his wife. Right now he tried to get away from her and ended up homeless (due to his bad intentions). Pray that God will bring him back home and bring him to repentance as well.
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Job transfer
posted by: N on 1/17/2018

Need prayer for my work transfer to go through quickly. And for an increase in hours due to financial difficulties
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posted by: Karen on 1/17/2018

Please pray for my 11 yr old daughter Saryn for complete healing from scoliosis & normal growth that she’ll exceed my height. Pls pray for normal results of back X-rays. Pls also pray for complete protection against advcerse side effects of all prescription meds, shots & X-rays. Thank you & God bless each one of you for praying.
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