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posted by: Stephen W Seal on 4/16/2019

I am out of work and my savings is dwindling. I continue to tithe. I need work immediately. Please pray that God will give me work and income sufficient to meet my needs Thank you
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Salvation, healness, forgiveness, immigration
posted by: Silvana Rod on 4/8/2019

Salvation for my father Roberto Plasencia. My Dad has cancer. He is angry with God and with a lot of people. God give him the opportunity to restauration, forgiveness, salvation, heal his soul, heart and body before his surgery on 16th April. Need to forgive and ask for forgiveness. God help him to heal his soul, emotions heart and physically. Thanks so much. For my student & working Canadian visa approbation and/or Canadian permanent residence. Thanks, blessings
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posted by: Hovik on 3/17/2019

Last week I asked for prayer for my cousin Mark as he was indefinitely banned from twitch (a streaming website similar to YouTube but focuses on video-games) and today he got an email that he needs to resend his appeal in about 2 weeks and they will look into his case (so when it’s all said and done by the time they review and respond it may take up to a month from today for a response). My prayer request is that the Lord will help us in our time of need and that the twitch support staff who review his case will be graceful in overturning the ban so that he can continue to stream. He knows he made a mistake and he just wants a second chance to stream on the platform. Also continue praying for his salvation, thank you all for your prayers.
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posted by: Elsa on 3/2/2019

Please pray for healing from heart palpitations. I have been suffering with very frightening heart palpitations for a year now, and my doctors can’t find anything wrong. I am desperate, please pray for a miracle! Thank you for your prayers.
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posted by: Hovik on 3/1/2019

My cousin Mark streams on a website called twitch, he plays video games and wants to make a career out of playing video games but recently some people came on his chat and said some bad things to him he responded back to them and he got banned from the website indefinitely. He has sent an appeal process to see if it’s possible to reduce the indefinite ban to a reasonable ban like 3-7 days and my prayer request would be that the Lord will help him retrieve his account and that he will get a response as soon as possible and be able to stream again. Also that the Lord will show Himself to Mark and convict him of his sins to repent and believe in His son Jesus Christ as Mark is not currently a believer.
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posted by: Jason on 2/28/2019

At work, I am not sure who is the boss because the previous one retired under negative circumstances. Please pray that God would provide guidance on what to do at work and that He would provide strength to get through each day at the office. Thanks
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posted by: li cross on 2/5/2019

Prayer request : Sorry, please pray for that not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel, thank you.
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Husband and family
posted by: Rachel on 1/29/2019

Please pray strength & protection over my family. Pray that my husband Jose Jr will grow spiritually & get better. Hes been fighting addiction & depression. May God fight our battles & guide us thru these tough times. Take away our fears, doubts, & worries. Heal & bless us. Keep us all safe & fill us with great wisdom & grace
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posted by: keijo on 1/22/2019

Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
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Continuing Education
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 1/21/2019

I have started college classes on Friday January 18 and I am taking them on most Eednesdays and Fridays until May 8 so please pray so that I may do well on them.
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